I have known Scott for 11 years now. Not only do I respect him as my Doctoral program classmate and colleague, but would also like to share my experience of a great treatment from him yesterday.

I rarely receive acupuncture treatments because I am sensitive to needles. Scott is very professional and listens to his patients.

He started with heating therapy and cupping. Then he gave me an extended moxibustion treatment. He was very patient and stayed with me all the time. This made me feel secure and comfortable.

In particular, Scott is very skillful in needling techniques. He used Dr. Zhu’s method of scalp acupuncture on my head and Master Tung’s needling techniques on my extremities. Both were light and efficient.

I have had shoulder pain and heaviness for a while, but after just one treatment it was relieved. The relief started almost immediately during the needle stimulation. This morning I woke up fresh and didn’t feel shoulder pain at all.

It was a blessing to have Scott as my doctor. I definitely recommend that you and anyone you know who needs help to come to see him.

Dr. Sheng-wei Lan

Licensed Acupuncturist & Ayurveda Practitioner, Great Compassion Healing Center

Scott has been a very gentle, understanding and helpful practitioner of the arts of acupuncture and healing. When my leg was stuck and I couldn’t walk, he helped my spasmed muscles release over a series of treatments. He is very knowledgeable and also spent a lot of time explaining to me much of what he’s doing and how it works. Easing my mind, my body, and my experiences, I’m very grateful for his help.

Denise L.

Web Designer

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