Why Seek Help With Virtual Chinese Medicine?

A patient receiving online care


The world has moved to the virtual model for delivery of care. Patients benefit from telemedicine in terms of increased convenience, access, and real-time care.

Virtual prescriptions


Use your individualized prescription anywhere, or take it to any practitioner. These prescriptions empower you to render immediate symptom relief.

Self-care is an important health tool


The holistic health approaches I prescribe to my patients draw upon my 15-year practice and are safe and effective to change the ‘root’ of the problem.

Virtual Chinese Medicine, Telemedicine, Teleconsultation

What Can It Do For Me?

 • Acupuncture prescriptions can be used as self-care acupressure routines, and I will teach you how
Herbal prescriptions can be used to order herbs custom-tailored to your changing needs
Qigong prescriptions are exercise medicine aimed at giving you something proactive to do to enhance your health
Neuro-Linguistic Programming approaches are designed for each individual patient and allow for rapid healing
Dietary analysis allows us an opportunity for a deep-dive into the fundamentals of health and healing

My Philosophy

I blend effective, non-invasive, holistic approaches so that you can resolve your difficult health issues safely over time. I am here to help people achieve their long-term health goals by providing a clear and actionable path towards wellness.

A path to wellness

Let’s meet online and discuss your case, at no cost or obligation to you. During that conversation, I should be able to determine if I can help you with one of my programs.

When we decide to work together, we will schedule a second online meeting so that we may conduct a comprehensive health intake and examination. This will allow me to take a deep dive into your life and health so that I can seek, discover and deal with the root causes and holding patterns of your health concern.

Next, I will take some time offline to go over the intake data. Then, you will receive two documents: a) Report of Findings, and b) Transformative Care Plan for a limited two-week trial. It will be up to you to implement the strategies in the Transformative Care Plan for the next two weeks. 

After two weeks, we will meet online for a third time to assess results and discuss whether to move forward with the standard six-month Transformative Care Plan.

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