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Transforming Lives Through Online Consultations
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Why Online Consultations?


  • Available Worldwide (in English) via Zoom
  • It’s easy and convenient
  • Empowers the patient with actionable information
  • Allows for customized care plans and course correction as changes occur
  • Provides patients with a written 6-month roadmap toward dramatically improved health
  • FREE to start, with no obligation to buy


I blend effective, non-invasive, holistic approaches so that you can resolve your difficult health issue safely over time. 

My practice is about helping people achieve their long-term health goals by providing a clear and actionable path towards wellness.

1. Let’s meet online and discuss your case, at no cost or obligation to you. During that conversation, I should be able to determine if I can help you with my program.

2. If we decide to work together, we will schedule a second online meeting so that we may conduct a comprehensive health intake and examination. This will allow me to take a deep dive into your life and health so that I can seek, discover and deal with the root causes and holding patterns of your health concern.

3. Next, I will take some time offline to go over the intake data. Then, you will receive two documents: a) Report of Findings, and b) Transformative Care Plan for a limited two-week trial. It will be up to you to implement the strategies in the Transformative Care Plan for the next two weeks. 

4. After two weeks, we will meet online for a third time to assess results and discuss whether to move forward with the standard six-month Transformative Care Plan.