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Why Online Consultations?


  • Available Worldwide (in English)
  • Easy & convenient
  • A great value
  • Empowers the patient
  • It’s comprehensive
  • Customized approaches to meet an individual’s needs
  • Provides patients with a written 6-month roadmap toward dramatically improved health
  • FREE to start, no obligation to buy

When we work together, we can achieve extraordinary results.

I want to help people achieve their long-term health goals by providing a clear and actionable path towards wellness.

First, we will meet online and discuss your case, at no cost or obligation to you. During that conversation, I will determine if we are a good fit. I want to be sure that our work together will render optimal results, so I will not be able to take every new case.

Once we decide to work together, we will schedule a second online meeting so that we may conduct a comprehensive health intake and examination. This will allow me to take a deep dive into your life and health so that I can seek and discover and deal with the root causes and holding patterns of your health condition.

Next, I will take some time offline to go over the intake data. Then, you will receive two documents: a Report of Findings, and a Transformative Care Plan for a limited two-week trial.

After two weeks, we will meet online for a third time to assess results and discuss whether to move forward with the standard six-month Transformative Care Plan.